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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the online events?2021-10-11T03:51:06-07:00

We have a wide variety of online events, from 30 to 60 minutes.

Do online events occur daily?2021-10-11T03:51:41-07:00

Yes, join us for our daily events that occur every day of the week, on both weekdays and weekends. You can also watch replays of previous events on demand.

How do I attend an online event?2021-10-11T03:52:15-07:00

Using our website, members simply visit the event you want to attend, click register, and you will be signed up. They will be sent a few reminders before the event giving them additional instructions, including a link to access the event via Zoom.

Is all of the content kid-friendly?2021-10-11T03:52:44-07:00

Yes, all of our content is made exclusively for kids by creators who are experts at entertaining and educating young minds.

Who are the creators behind the online events?2021-10-11T03:53:18-07:00

Our creators are a mix of experts, educators, and performers who all have experience working with kids and who have a deep passion for the topics they cover, such as dinosaurs or art.

If you miss an event. Can I still watch it?2021-10-11T03:53:52-07:00

Yes, you can catch up on the previous events we’ve hosted with recordings available in our Watch Now section.


How will I know if my kid will enjoy Dadventures?2021-10-11T03:54:38-07:00

We offer a 7-day free trial for you to explore all of the live events and previous event video recordings. When your kid joins their first event, you’ll see big smiles and laughter that shows you they’re having a great time.

How many online events can I attend per month?2021-10-11T03:55:19-07:00

You can attend an unlimited number of online events! Other platforms may charge you $15-$20 for a single event, but you can get unlimited access for only $14.99 a month.

How long does it take to sign-up?2021-10-11T03:55:58-07:00

Sign up for our service in 2 minutes, and get a free 7 day trial!

Can I cancel at any time?2021-10-11T03:56:32-07:00

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.

How long has Dadventures been around?2021-10-11T03:57:14-07:00

Dadventures has been around since 2018, and we’re helping thousands of families connect with fun and educational online events that revolve around popular kid interests.

Does Dadventures help educate my kids?2021-10-11T03:57:45-07:00

We help kids learn while being entertained. We pride ourselves on having the most fun yet educational content out there! Our interactive online events are a great way to help your kid develop new knowledge and passions, and we’re always adding new events, which means they have more opportunities for success.


Do Moms & Dads both use Dadventures?2021-10-11T03:58:49-07:00

Yes, both moms and dads love having their kids join our online events. Whether you’re a mom or a dad, you’ll appreciate the interactive fun and learning your kid will experience, which opens up their minds and also frees up time for you to get other things done.

What do parents do while their kids are watching an online event?2021-10-11T03:59:28-07:00

Most parents typically take advantage of the time to get other stuff done around the house, such as folding laundry, cooking dinner, or doing some work. Other parents join their kid and enjoy watching along with them.

How does Dadventures help parents?2021-10-11T04:00:07-07:00

It allows them to get work done around the house while their kids learn and are occupied for 30 to 60 minutes, all from a remote location or mobile device with no driving time!


Do you offer corporate programs?2021-10-11T04:01:13-07:00

Yes! We offer several corporate programs. Please contact [email protected]

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