Why We’re Here

Our Story: A Fateful Trip to Disneyland

Dadventures was born out of a series of conversations between our Co-Founders,
Steve and Devon, around the struggles and pitfalls of being a dad, which led to
discussing Steve’s fateful trip to Disneyland. Focused on giving his daughters the
best Disneyland experience possible, Steve meticulously researched every ride and
polled his kids on which ones they were the most interested in. He even measured
their heights just to make sure they’d be able to ride.

The result was an amazing family experience – riding 8 rides in less than 2 hours!
Steve’s daughters were thrilled, and Steve was happy to have given his kids a great
experience. But no one was happier than Steve’s wife, who got to enjoy a full day
of parental success without having to do any of the planning. Dadventures helps
parents connect with fun things for their kids to do, so kids can stay engaged and
parents can have some time for themselves.

Disneyland Tea Cups
Dadventures co-founders

Co-founders Devon George & Steve Dypiangco.

What We Do

Live + Interactive Shows

We know how much kids love creatures, princesses,
and vehicles. So we work with talented creators to
put on live and interactive shows on these popular
topics every day. Kids have fun while learning new
things and hanging out with others with shared interests.

Break for Parents

Parents are busy and can always use extra time to
get work done or take care of things around the house.
While kids engage with knowledgable and safe creators
during our live shows, parents can have time for
themselves to do chores, work, or just relax.