Why We’re Here

Our Story: A Fateful Trip to Disneyland

Dadventures was born out of a series of conversations between our Co-Founders,
Steve and Devon, around the struggles and pitfalls of being a dad, which led to
discussing Steve’s fateful trip to Disneyland. Focused on giving his daughters the
best Disneyland experience possible, Steve meticulously researched every ride and
polled his kids on which ones they were the most interested in. He even measured
their heights just to make sure they’d be able to ride.

The result was an amazing family experience – riding 8 rides in less than 2 hours!
Steve’s daughters were thrilled, and Steve was happy to have given his kids a great
experience. But no one was happier than Steve’s wife, who got to enjoy a full day
of parental success without having to do any of the planning. Dadventures helps
parents figure out what to do and the easiest ways to do it, so parents can focus on
being present with their kids.

Disneyland Tea Cups
Dadventures co-founders

Co-founders Devon George & Steve Dypiangco.

What We Do

Our Content

Whether you’re looking for expert opinions, activities kids can
do at home, or fun family recommendations in your city,
Dadventures works to provide families with a digital resource
that empowers dads, moms and kids to spend quality time

Activity Curation

Dadventures takes the guess-work out of sifting through
hundreds of links across social media and the web. We know
parents have different needs from day to day, which is why
our content is focused into 2 verticals: Dadventures at Home
and Dadventures Out of Home.

Dadventures at Home

Dadventures at Home content is organized by age, length and type, and sorted by activities kids can do with families or alone, including those
that don’t require a screen. We have three main resource categories that include:

Expert Support

Advice for parents on how to balance working from home,
homeschooling their kids and keeping the household running
smoothly. For example, content available includes information on
the unexpected stages of being stuck at home and how to deal
with quarantining. The platform is designed to encourage and
empower dads to “lean in” more into childcare in a way that dads
can relate to and find comfort in.

Family Play

As daily routines and freedoms change rapidly, kids and parents
alike face new challenges that are creating significant stressors.
The best way to support kids’ emotional health during this crisis is
to play with them. Dadventures at Home provides fun activities that
allow parents and kids to focus on being present with each other.

Solo Play

Parents and kids are spending significantly more time together
than before the pandemic began. As a result, parents are
overworked and increasingly stressed out. They need a break to
maintain their well-being, and Dadventures curates fun, play-
based activities kids can do on their own.

Dadventures Out of Home

Dadventures Out of Home curates activities for kids based on
Location, Age, and Interests. Whether it’s Free activities that are
happening this month, or our top picks for this weekend,
Dadventures makes sure that we’re providing our members with
the best opportunities for family fun in their area.

The Dad Gap

Today’s dads are way more active in their kids’ lives than in
previous generations. They aspire to be better, more engaged
parents than their fathers, but there aren’t many dad-specific
resources to help them achieve that. There’s plenty of
resources specifically for moms, but many dads feel like
those don’t speak to them.

Dadventures Exclusive Events

In addition to our content and activity recommendations,
Dadventures puts on original events, with discounts for
Dadventures subscribers, giving members the chance to
interact with each other and enjoy experiences that are
truly awesome.