A child cuts a heart out of red construction paper on a table with flowers and a gift box

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, we thought we’d give you a hand in finding simple, fun crafts for your kids. Whether you want to get in on the tissue-paper-and-glue action or sit back and let the kids try it out on their own, our comprehensive list has something for every skill and age level. Create a monster-themed box for little valentines. Get sticky with some homemade V-Day themed slime that will provide hours of tactile entertainment. Make some heart puppets and send your kids off to script a puppet show while you relax. Put together an easy, cheap heart-shaped bird feeder to draw some nature into your yard – and maybe awaken a new interest in the process. These crafts can mostly be created with items you already have at home, so check it out and share the love with your family.

1. Valentine’s Day Slime

hand holding pink slime

Valentine’s Day Slime

Ages: 2-10

20 minutes

Nothing gets a kid’s attention faster than the possibility of plunging their little hands into something messy. This Valentine’s Day slime recipe from Little Bins for Little Hands will teach some science, provide an opportunity for tactile play, and, of course, hold short attention spans for awhile. Filled with glitter and hearts and goo, the slime is easy to make and easy to store. Just make sure it doesn’t end up on the furniture!

2. Monster Valentine Box

Monster-shaped box on a table with white background

Monster Valentine Box

Ages: 4-12

60 Minutes

Remember making valentine boxes in grade school to collect candy, cards and other sundries? Well, whether the kids are celebrating Valentine’s Day in school with friends or at home with family, you can create a similar box together. We think this monster-themed box from Skip to My Lou will get a lot of love, goofy googly eyes and all. And if you’re stuck at home this February, you can always make lots of fun valentines to pop into the box.

3. Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder

heart-shaped birdfeeder with ribbons on pink background

Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder

Ages: 4-12

45 minutes

Share some love with the natural world as you and your kids put together this easy, Valentine’s Day-themed bird feeder. All you really need to pick up is a cheap bag of birdseed, and soon, your whole family will be able to engage in some excellent bird watching. After all, if you’re stuck indoors, you might as well bring the great outdoors to your very own doorstep. Plus, it might even spark a lifetime love of birdwatching – and we’re not just talking about your kids.

4. Coffee Filter Heart Suncatchers

Heart cutouts on a wooden table

Coffee Filter Heart Suncatchers

Ages: 2-10

20 minutes

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft, look no further than this DIY heart suncatcher from The Farmwife Crafts. Just get the kids set up with some spare coffee filters and markers and set them loose (unless, of course, they’re young enough that they need supervision with scissors). Soon, your home will be V-Day ready – and your kids will stay occupied for awhile.

5. Candy Heart Picture Frames

A picture frame, a bag of candy hearts and a tube of glitter on a white background

Candy Heart Picture Frames

Ages: 4-12

30 Minutes

Spice up your living room with these easy-to-make Valentine’s Day picture frames from Happiness is Homemade. All you’ll need are a couple inexpensive picture frames and a bag of candy hearts. You might need to supervise your kids a little when they’re using the hot glue gun, but you’ll be able to snack on candy hearts the entire time. And when you’re done, you’ll have a set of personalized, homemade homes for your favorite family portraits.

6. Heart Puppets

Heart puppets on craft sticks on white background

Heart Puppets

30 minutes

It’s a well-known fact that kids love anything with googly eyes. Fortunately for you, we’ve found this heart puppet craft from Creative Family Fun that’ll get your kids drawing and playing (and giving you a little bit of breathing room in the process). After the little ones have completed their puppets, send them off to create a puppet show. We bet you’ll get a kick out of whatever they come up with!

7. Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

Tissue paper heart wreath on white background

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

Ages: 4-12

30 Minutes

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to crafting. These tissue paper heart wreaths from Happiness is Homemade are almost impossible to mess up. And fortunately, they include kid-friendly components like school glue, so feel free to get everything set up and safely walk away. If you have cardboard and tissue paper, you’ve already got all the necessary supplies. Best of all, you’ll have some great Valentine’s Day decorations to keep the winter blues away.

8. Pom Pom Love Monsters

Pom Pom Love Monsters

Ages: 2-10

30 Minutes

You’d better order a jumbo bag of googly eyes from Amazon, because we have another puppet craft for you and your kids. These pom-pom love monsters from Crafty Morning will be fun to make – and then play pretend with afterwards. Plus, if you have a dollar store near you, you’ll be able to pick up the odds and ends required for the project on the cheap. Valentine’s Day might not traditionally be a kid’s favorite holiday, but if you help your children create these little monsters, they’ll definitely be excited about February 14.