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Ranking the 10 Funniest Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Commercials


See if this Polar Bear has his dream of living in Mexico come true in these kid-friendly Super Bowl commercials. Source: Avocados from Mexico

Maybe you’re prepping for the big game on Sunday. Or maybe the game is over and your kid was just introduced to the glory of TV advertising. Whatever the scenario, looking through these is just a good ole fashioned way to kill 10 minutes with your little sports fan—or slapstick humor fans. Our list celebrates Super Bowl ads and what they’re best at, making unfunny things surprisingly hilarious. This includes Darth Vader, elderly abuse, and Jeff Bezos. A quick reminder here Jeff Bezos is not Darth Vader, just because he’s bald, robotic, rules an Evil Empire, and promotes questionable working conditions for his employees does not make him the galactic baddy we all know. We hope these funny kid-friendly Super Bowl commercials put a smile on your kids’ faces, and maybe yours too—especially if you just lost $20 betting the under on the length of the National Anthem.

1. Star Wars Kid- Volkswagen


This commercial pretty much has it all Star Wars, humor, and a dog. You really can’t compete with that. While you may be laughing at this one, don’t be surprised to find your kid trying to turn your car on with the Force later.

2. Football Betty White- Snickers


Listen, if your kid isn’t laughing about someone who is probably 90 years their senior getting laid out while cutting across the middle then we have some bad news for you…your kid didn’t get the humor gene.

3. The Cool Ranch- Doritos

There are a couple of reasons to like this commercial, there’s a dance battle chief among them. The real kicker here will be that you’ll laugh because you recognize Sam Elliot and have no idea who the other guy is, your kids will laugh because they recognize Lil Nas X but have no idea who Sam Elliot is.

4. Alexa Fails- Amazon


Your kids— aka your house’s Chief IT Consultant when it comes to Alexa—may not recognize the star-studded cast of this commercial but they’ll surely love the chaos. Bonus! For Jeff Bezos’s “comedic” debut in the ad “Alexa Loses Her Voice” click here—parts of this one may be slightly better for older kids.

5. When I Grow Up-


This commercial may have vaulted its company’s business higher than any others on our list. While the humor may be more for you than your children it’ll be a good lesson about dreaming big…or not.

6. Puppy Love- Budweiser


Why is this one funny? Cause you’ll find yourself laughing at yourself for crying during a commercial for a sub-par beer.

7. Danny DeVito is Human- M&Ms


Bizarre? Yes. Funny? Also yes. While some may find Danny DeVito unexpectedly running up to them on the street asking if they want to eat him to be nightmare fuel, we think it’s comedy gold. Also, when has your kid not laughed at someone getting comedically hit by a truck?

8. Carrier Pigeons- FedEx


This one segues nicely into the ole “That looks messier than your room!” line that makes every parent laugh and hopefully guilts your kids just enough to pick up a few toys off the ground.

9. Time Machine-Doritos


Doritos apparently has the recipe for good kid-friendly Super Bowl commercials. This is easily one of their most memorable. But warning it may introduce your kids to the scamming business.

10. First Draft Ever- Avocados From Mexico


If your son or daughter are legitimate sports fans then this one may jump higher on the list. We can’t help but laugh and feel for the polar bear thinking he was about to be the national animal of Mexico.



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