Starting December 22nd, the NBA is back for its 2020-2021 season, featuring opening night blockbusters: Warriors vs Nets and Lakers vs Clippers. Sure the start of this season is a little different. Sure there won’t be fans in stands (or very few). Sure the league is wearing a size COVID-19 shoe, meaning some games you might see G-Leaguers filling in for recovering stars. That being said, we’re pumped to witness the very best basketballers back on our screens dishing out no-look dimes, rattling the rims with high-flying dunks, and launching threes from the moon. So we’ve compiled nine great at-home activities that parents can do with their little ballers, to celebrate the start of the NBA season.

1. NBA Trivia

Photo by Noah Graham

10 NBA Questions for Casual Fans

Here are 10 NBA trivia questions to get you and your hoop heads into fan mode. Can you answer correctly how Kobe Bryant got his name? Or which NBA team has won the most championship rings? Or, true or false, Adam Silver has a brother called Adam Gold?

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