Offline Fun For Preschoolers

Screen time is an awesome way to keep little kids busy and entertained at home. Let’s be honest, it also gives us a much needed breather! But parents need a wide range of offline options too. Options that boost creativity and build imaginations. Options that provide quality time for families, as well as stacks of fun for kids to have on their own.

Here are our picks for top activities that bring forth fun and learning that don’t require a screen. This assortment includes arts and crafts, toys, board games, and more. We zeroed in on quality, variety and togetherness, and of course, wow-inducing entertainment!


1. Sago Mini Box

Product Types: Toy, Arts & Crafts
Parent Supervision: Medium
What We Like: Each hands-on activity is specifically designed for preschoolers.
Favorite Thing: Cute mini figures inside each box, which tie into each activity.
About: This subscription box delivers monthly magic to your door. Each package contains a selection of beautifully crafted make-and-play activities. The boxes are individually themed and packed with surprises – from Pet Cafes, Fairy Tales, to Space Explorer, and more. The Road Trip box morphed our play area into a winding path full of adventure, with a 3D car, and delightful pit stops. It also included road trip bingo cards, which the kids were so excited to try out.

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