Keeping My Preschooler Busy Is So Hard

Keeping my rambunctious preschooler busy (why won’t he take a nap anymore?!) is a daily challenge, which makes it super hard to stay productive or even take a break. 

As a father of 3, I’ve learned that not all screen time is created equal. What my son needs is fun entertainment that will actually hold his attention (without frequent interruptions for ads and upsells) and that also helps him develop important skills like creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

And if it has trains, animals, or robots, then it’s an absolute home run.

Sago Mini World Saves the Day!

Adorably-designed for preschoolers ages 2-5, Sago Mini World gives kids unlimited access to a sweet collection of 30+ award-winning games – all in one kid-safe, awesome app.

Harnessing open-ended play, kids can explore and experiment at their own pace as they guide mini-friends – Harvey the dog, Jinja the cat, Robin the bird and Jack the rabbit – into adventures and activities.

Sago Mini World saved the day for me when my son recently fell off his balance bike, and I had to take him to urgent care. As we nervously waited our turn in line next to patients requesting COVID-19 tests, my son was able to remain calm and relaxed thanks to Sago Mini World, which was just what he needed.

Trucks, Trains, Planes, Boats & Spaceships!

Whether it’s blasting off into space, going camping, playing in the snow, operating diggers, driving trains, zooming around in planes, building rad robots, or becoming superheroes – there are games for every type of preschooler out there.

Here are Dadventures’ 5 favorite games in the Sago Mini World that have opened my preschoolers’ minds through fun, creativity and humor.


1. Trucks & Diggers

About: A perfect game for kids who love trucks, diggers and construction sites! Help Rosie the hamster load a bouncy dump truck, drive it to her destination, and then build a friend a new home. There’s an assortment of structures to build, even a cupcake-house! 

What We Love: You can pick a digger, crane or bulldozer to pile dirt into the dump truck.

What Kids Learn: Encourages creativity and allows kids to explore real-life experiences, specifically building.

Favorite Part: Digging deep down into the earth.

2. Trains

About: Once you’ve choo-choo-chosen your train driver, this magical train adventure chugs through three delightful worlds – a forest, a city and a winter wonderland. Keep a lookout for surprises, like a birthday cake mountain top. Don’t forget to pick up all your pals along the way.

What We Love: You can select either Jinja, Harvey, Robin or Jack to operate four different trains.

What Kids Learn: Builds motor skills and encourages imagination.

Favorite Part: Playing tunes on the xylophone bridge.

3. Planes

About: Choose a plane, pick your pilot and passenger, and take off! Nosedive, loop-the-loop and even crash-land in this scenic, aviation adventure – where kids can burst balloons, sky-write and even zoom into outer space to gobble up a watermelon planet.

What We Love: A selection of cool aircrafts, including a banana plane.

What Kids Learn: Develops hand-eye coordination, curiosity and imaginative play.

Favorite Part: Pigs fly!

4. Boats

About: Pack your bag, pick a speed boat, dragon boat, or pirate ship, and set sail on a voyage with Harvey the dog. With unexpected gameplay, where normal laws of physics don’t apply, characters go underwater, glide across the water, and float in the sky – to collect treasure, scoff ice cream, and meet friends. 

What We Love: Choosing what to pack in your suitcase.  

What Kids Learn: Embraces curiosity, allowing kids to make decisions and to explore.

Favorite Part: Boating in a bubbly bath tub.

5. Space Explorer

About: Space Explorer launches Harvey to play among the stars and planets. Kids can discover dozens of super-fun surprises, make alien pals and blast off in a flying saucer.

What We Love: Interacting with other characters, especially getting big hugs from a robot.

What Kids Learn: Promotes discussion about space and planets.

Favorite Part: The farting planet.


Watch the Sago Mini World trailer for more info!



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