All aboard 🚆

Is your kid a train buff, a railfan, a train aficionado, a foamer (apparently that’s what enthusiasts are called), or a ferroequinologist (the technical term)? Does your child love watching videos on YouTube? Do they love trains as much as we do?

Then park their cabooses on the couch because we’ve compiled the top channels that feature animated trains, model trains, and real trains. We’ve looked at each channel’s educational and entertainment value, selecting a range of videos (that last from 15 to 45 minutes – woah!) to suit whatever pocket of time you’re looking to fill!

Pull that train whistle, it’s full steam ahead! 


Animated Trains

1. Toy Factory

Recommended Age: 3-5

Established: 2014

Average Video Length: 20 minutes

Number of Videos: 502

About: Wonderful collection of animated videos that offers preschool and young children a delightfully entertaining angle to train basics—what is a steam train? How does it work?