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Outdoors + STEM = Blasts of fun! 🔬💥

Are your kids hitting the screen way too much?

Screens are an excellent tool for learning, creating and watching cats singing Billie Eilish. (Oh dear.) Kids also need hands-on experiences throughout the day. It helps them develop new ideas and gives them a chance to engage with multiple senses, like touching, smelling and squealing in delight. What better way to do that than to erupt stuff!

So flabbergast your kids with these easy-to-make, STEM-infused, explosive experiments. From bursting soda, bubbling rainbow snakes, to elephant toothpaste – this stellar selection covers chemical reactions and physical reactions. Plus stunned reactions from your little scientists. For most of these experiments, you might already have the essential materials.

For those who don’t have the materials, watching the fails can be just as fun!

1. Diet Coke & Mentos

Recommended Age: 5+

Parent Supervision: Medium

Duration: 10 mins

Materials: Diet Coke, Mentos, safety goggles

Kick-off with the classic Diet Coke and Mentos experiment, which involves a process called nucleation – cool! Kids with a short attention span will love this frothing, messy missile!