Parenting during a pandemic is really hard. Dadventures at Home makes it easier and more fun.

Dadventures at Home 👪🏠


We are excited to introduce our newest platform,  Dadventures at Home, which offers offers parents expert advice, home-based family play and solo play activities.


Dadventures at Home content is organized by age, length and type, and sorted by activities kids can do with families or alone, including those that don’t require a screen. We have three main resource categories that include:


Expert Support – Advice for parents on how to balance working from home, homeschooling their kids and keeping the household running smoothly.  For example, content available includes information on the unexpected stages of being stuck at home and how to deal with quarantining. The platform is designed to encourage and empower dads to “lean in” more into childcare in a way that dads can relate to and find comfort in.


Family Play – As daily routines and freedoms change rapidly, kids and parents alike face new challenges that are creating significant stressors. The best way to support kids’ emotional health during this crisis is to play with them. Dadventures at Home provides fun activities that allow parents and kids to focus on being present with each other.


Solo Play – Parents and kids are spending significantly more time together than before the pandemic began. As a result, parents are overworked and increasingly stressed out. They need a break to maintain their well-being, and Dadventures curates fun, play-based activities kids can do on their own.


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