Vanilla Ice’s 90’s hit can guide parents to a more equal division of labor during the Coronavirus lock down.

Vanilla Ice

By Steve Dypiangco


As we all know, Homeschooling + Working Sucks


But while many dads are taking on added household responsibilities during this quarantine, lots of dads don’t know how to share the heavy load their partners are now carrying.


Unfortunately, there’s no playbook for dads on how to step up at home during a pandemic.


Until now, that is…

Yo, VIP, Let’s Kick It!🤩

Rapper Vanilla Ice said if there was a problem, he’d solve it. So let’s bring him in for help.


1. “Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen🤝👂

Translation: Get you and your partner on the same page, so you can both survive this stage.

To get our families through all the new challenges we’re facing, we have to work together as a unified team. 


Alexis (productivity coach) & Giao (engineer)
For San Francisco parents Alexis and Giao, collaborating means maintaining a shared calendar that shows when they have work calls. This helps each of them and their two kids (11 & 9-years-old) understand when they’re busy and shouldn’t be interrupted. 


work schedule

Alexis and Giao’s weekly call schedule.


Kids can get involved in collaborating, too.


Wil (educator) & Johanna (biologist)

Wil and Johanna of Pasadena, CA invited their 8-year-old daughter Samara to help them build out her daily schedule. Because she was involved in shaping the plan, Samara bought into it right away.