Awesome websites full of fun crafts, activities, and projects to keep little kids busy. 

7 Resources without Screen

How can you keep you little kids busy that doesn’t involve them losing their eyesight by sitting in front of a screen all day? Fun arts and crafts of course!

Crafts + LEGO + STEM  = Grownups & Kids Fun ✂️🖍️🤖

FAMILY PLAY NOTE: Most of these resources feature activities that require a lot of hands-on parent involvement.


1. The Best Ideas for Kids 

The Best Ideas for Kids

Recommended Age: 3-8

Focus Areas: Craft ideas, activities, recipes.  

About: Kimberly McLeod is the creator of the popular kid’s craft and activity website, The Best Ideas for Kids. Kimberly lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her two kids and husband. She loves to create projects that are easy, and she incorporates recycled materials as much as she can.

Favorite Activity: Toy Story Bookmarks