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12 YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving Indoors

How to make sure your kids don’t destroy your home and drive you insane when they’re stuck inside all day.

YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving (1)

By Steve Dypiangco


Kids Who Don’t Exercise = 💥💣💥

Question: What happens when your kids sit around all day and don’t get any exercise?

A) They won’t stop bouncing, fidgeting, and touching stuff

B) They don’t blow off their stress, so they act like monsters to everyone – except right now there is no one else except you

C) They are (way more) awful to be around

D) They won’t go the eff to sleep at night (even after you give them some melatonin)

E) All of the above


Answer: E (obviously)

YouTube to The Rescue 🤩

Family playtime involving physical activities like tag and playing catch are awesome.

Remember duck, duck, goose?!

But kids also need to burn off their energy on their own, so busy parents (which is all of us right now whether we’re working or not) can actually get stuff done. Check out these Dadventures-approved channels that will keep your tiny terrors moving, grooving, and getting the wiggles out of their systems.


1. Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Category: Yoga 

Recommended Age: 3-8

Average Video Length: 25 min

Established: 2012

Number of Videos: 451

Our favorite YouTube channel! Yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation for kids hosted by awesome instructor and master storyteller Jamie. Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence. 

Visit Channel

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