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How It Works

We make sure your kid has fun learning, so you can relax.

Interests Kids Love

Kids love our events because they are about topics they like such as dinosaurs, autos, and princesses.

Learning Made Fun

Kids stay engaged interacting with the creator and other kids, asking questions, playing games, and raising their hands.

No Prep Necessary

Reserve your spot, turn on your device, and your kid is ready. Watch their little faces light up and then get something else done.

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What parents love about Dadventures

Kids Develop Social Skills

Kids Learn New Things

Parents Get Free Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase multiple subscriptions if I have more than 1 child?2021-08-03T07:40:38-07:00

Not at all. Only one membership needed per household. All kids can join on the same screen or from separate device, whatever you prefer.

Will my child need my help or supervision during Dadventures events?2021-08-03T07:40:14-07:00

Dadventures events are designed to allow busy parents to have some much-needed time for themselves. We intend for kids to be able to handle all activities without their parents’ help.

Will my child interact directly with creators and other kids?2021-08-03T07:39:38-07:00

Yes. Our live events are a great place for kids interact directly with each other and awesome creators. Members love the social skills that their kids develop. If your child prefers not to interact, they may turn off their camera.

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